During 1900s, in the Bay of Quinte the Belleville Fire Department provided some Water Rescue Service but the majority were performed by the Coast Guard stationed at C.F.B. Trenton.

In 1960ís Stu Meeks owner of LaSalle Ambulance in Belleville recognized there was a need for a specialized water rescue unit in the area. In the late 70ís when the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary was formed Stu was one of the first to become a member. Stu served the community with respect and commitment until his death in 1998. A few years after his death marked the end of LaSalle Rescue.
In 2005 working with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, Howard Garrod purchased the boat used by LaSalle Rescue and started "Quinte Rescue." On February 6th, 2008 the Quinte Search and Rescue was incorporated as a non-profit community service, we thank those who have the foresight to help others in distress.

Through the generosity of the City of Belleville and Belleville City Councillors an emergency rescue dock has been established at the east end of Meyers Pier Harbour. Then again the City of Belleville set aside a portion of the top floor of the Meyers Pier building to be used as a Rescue Centre, office and training facility.
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