Quinte Search and Rescue is the only dedicated marine search and rescue organization in a region that stretches from Brighton, Ontario, in the west to Picton, Ontario, in the east. The many thousands of hectares of water, and the hundreds of kilometres of shoreline, combined with heavy recreational use of the waterway, demand a dedicated marine resource that can be effective in its own right, and which can enhance the collective capability of a coordinated effort with other agencies.

No other organization in our region has our mandate: To provide a 24-hour volunteer search and rescue service to cover the marine requirements in the Quinte Region and prevent injury and loss of life on the water.

All our volunteers are trained in accordance with strict national standards. They participate in an on-going training regime including search and rescue operations and safe boating activities to enhance their capabilities in the delivery of the program. Crew members spend many hours of their own time training to become skilled and highly efficient volunteers. They also receive proper insurance coverage for all authorized activities. Our members stay informed and engaged through national and regional communication programs, and scheduled Quinte Search And Rescue activities year-round.

Our membership is open to all members of the community prepared to undertake the necessary training.

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District 1, Zone: JRCC SAR Area 109
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, Unit 507
Quinte Search And Rescue
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